Blizzard All Stars

Once again the staff at GSCC showed why they are stars.

On Monday January 31 all eyes were trained on a weather radar, awaiting the impending “blizzard”, the “worse storm in 100 years”, the “perfect storm”, or as one of the slightly confused residents stated, the “hurricane”. Yes there were a few chuckles about this and the resident even laughed when we brought to her attention what she said. Anyway, the staff began pulling together and making plans for the upcoming storm.

Early Tuesday morning, about the time the beautiful sun should be coming up we were well into the clutches of a storm that was more than we had allowed ourselves to believe would besiege us. The staff at good shepherd care center was prepared with extra supplies and plenty of help. Tues evening it was a little more difficult to get here but we had staff picking each other up and some even walked in to ensure all were well cared for.

As night rolled around it was almost impossible to travel. The staff slept on floors and worked extra shifts to see that no one resident here had to feel any ill effects of the storm. Supervisors and front line staff engaged in some trilling card games and even some fun in the snow to pass the time, of course lets not forget the bounty of food provided for all. Not one staff member was forced to stay away from there own families, sleep 6 to a room with co-workers, or work extra shifts. We did it because that is what we do here at Good shepherd Care Center.

Patty Ypya RN DON